Tutor Diary History

November 17, 2017 We are pleased to announce the launch of new Mirror Server.
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April 26, 2016 We are pleased to welcome to our community a new driving school Britannia. www.britannia-driving-school.com
January 12, 2016 We are pleased to welcome to our community E.W.S.I. Driving School Ltd. ewsidrivertrainingteam.com
May 1, 2015 We are pleased to welcome to our community a new driving school from Canada. BB West Driving School from British Columbia. bbwest.ca
April 28, 2015 We are pleased to welcome to our community new driving schools Learn2Ride Motorcycle Training & Horizon Rider Training. www.learn2ridemotorcycle.com
February 12, 2015 Following our recent upgrade to the system, we have released yet another one, adding even more features which will be useful for your driving school management.
  1. Payment overview displays number of booked hours
  2. Extra status entries to help filtering pupil lists
  3. Different pickup addresses can be selected for individual lessons
  4. List of email providers to help you choose the right one for you
  5. Recycle Bin
  6. Auto Reminders Service
January 7, 2015 Tutor Diary version 7 has been released.
December 8, 2014 We are proud to announce the arrival of our new release of Tutor Diary version 7. Currently, we are conducting our final tests and the release date will be confirmed shortly but we are trying our best to get it out before Christmas.

For more information see Newsletter #33

May 2, 2014 The Edinburgh Driving School Limited joined tutor diary
April, 2014 Joined tutor diary
  1. Danny's Driving School
  2. Dorian West Driving School
  3. Lfe Driving School
  4. Orchard School of Motoring
  5. Stan School Of Motoring
  6. Top Class Driving School
March 6, 2014 Warden Hill joined tutor diary. www.wardenhilldrivingschool.com
January 31, 2014 Tutor Diary has become a truly international software. We are pleased to welcome to our community a new driving school from Australia. Our programming team has prepared tutor diary to support Australian postcodes and test centres so our colleagues in Australia will have the same functionality as in UK.

January, 2014 Joined tutor diary
  1. La-Driving School
  2. Summers Driving School
  3. Road Runner Driving School
  4. Silver Fern Driving School
  5. Routes 2 Driving School
  6. Les Brown Driving School
  7. Bee Line Driver Training
January 9, 2013 1st4driving joined tutor diary
December 14, 2013 Tricia Moir driving school joined tutor diary
December 5, 2013 Mick Carty Driving Instruction joined tutor diary
July 29, 20134.1 After many requests, our team is pleased to release a new update to the Diary which incorporates Google Calendar. The new system successfully combines two sources of data into one page, which gives you the great benefit of viewing your Google Calendar inside Tutor Diary along with regular information.

For more information see Newsletter #29

July 14, 20134.0
  • Reports can be exported directly to Excel
  • Second Duration is introduced to all bookings
  • Double Lessons
For more information see Newsletter #28
June 2, 2013 Adindi Assist joined tutor diary
May 30, 20133.5
  • The printing will now resize the screen of the diary for the week you are viewing. Previously the printing was restricted to the current week only.
  • It was reported that Helpdesk did not submit a ticket if Summary Box contained more than 100 characters. To fix that, we have restricted the length of the Summary text box. If your message is longer than 100 characters then please click New Note button to add additional information.
May 03, 20133.4 New features added
  • Booking Display Format allows you to choose what type of information you want to display.
  • Memos are expanded to Admin users. All memos can be placed on Dashboard, to remind you of things to-do for today or tomorrow. The dashboard is self maintained, memos appear automatically and you can dismiss them at any time.
  • Animated Graph Charts are introduced, which will help you to analyse your data, viewable in 4 formats: Bar, Line, Pie and Donut. Charts are placed on the Dashboard under Statistics Heading.
  • SMS messages 160 characters limit is removed. If your SMS message is longer than 160 characters, then the system will automatically find cheapest SMS service provider to deliver your message.
Mar 08, 2013 New Website Launched
Feb 20, 20132.01 New features added
  • Navigation calendar
  • Clipboard
Feb 15, 20132.00 New features added
  • The new system allows every instructor and driving school to have a personalised login page
  • Improvements have been made to block bookings. The system automatically calculates the correct amount for a given lesson duration.
  • The new system has better search facility
  • Login pages have been moved to a bigger more powerful server
  • Standby server launched
Jan 21, 20131.08 New feature added: Block Bookings
Jan 14, 2013  Drive Dynamics school of motoring joined tutor diary
Jan 14, 2013  KanKan driving school joined tutor diary
Jan 09, 20131.07 New features added
  • Dashboard
  • Statistics
  • Custom e-mail template
Dec 12, 20121.06 New feature added: Bookings Priority
Dec 05, 20121.05 New feature added: Custom Reminder Emails
Nov 26, 2012  Walkers school of motoring joined tutor diary
Nov 23, 2012  Steve's school of motoring joined tutor diary
Nov 19, 20121.04 New feature added: Each instructor can create own Courses and set prices per course
Nov 15, 2012  XLR8 Wales driving school joined tutor diary
Nov 12, 2012  ADI-Support joined tutor diary
Nov 05, 2012  Latics Driver Training joined tutor diary
Nov 01, 20121.03 New feature added: Synchronous Data Replication
Oct 29, 2012  Beverly Slater Driver Training joined tutor diary
Oct 22, 2012  Insight 2 Drive joined tutor diary
Oct 20, 20121.02 New feature added: Individual login page per driving school
Oct 18, 20121.01 New feature added: "Show Me Tell Me" added
Oct 16, 20121.0 Launch date