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July 12, 2013
Issue 28
Back to Content Dear tutorDIARY user,

Our team is pleased to release a new update to the system, which is scheduled for 15 July 2013.

Reports can be exported directly to Excel. You can view all reports by clicking 'Dashboard'. Reports can be either downloaded on to your local computer or opened directly in Excel. If your computer does not have Microsoft Office then you can use any other software that supports .xls such as Spreadsheet from Open Office which is a free downloadable software.

The new features and improvements below have been sponsored by Walkers School of Motoring and are now available to all driving schools and instructors.

Second Duration is introduced to all bookings
Why is a second duration needed? Instructors usually need some free time between lessons to travel between lessons and pick up points. The previous version of the diary did not have a mechanism to prevent bookings directly after another. By introducing a second duration, this problem of a booking directly after another is resolved.

Suppose that on average an instructor will need a 15 minute break before the next lesson. If by making the booking duration 1:15 minutes for a 1 hour lesson then this will guarantee that the next lesson will be at least 15 minutes afterwards.

How to setup 15 minutes gap between each lesson
  1. Click Control Panel
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Courses and Rates
You will find two duration for every course. Set Booking Duration to 1:15 minutes and leave Lesson Duration as it is: 1:00 or what ever you would like. After clicking "Save All", every lesson for a given course will be booked as 1:15. However in the booking it will still be indicated that the lesson is only an hour.

How to see the actual lesson duration directly on the diary
  1. Click Control Panel
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Booking Display Format
  4. Drop down one of the empty slots and select Lesson Duration.
Every booking in your diary will display DU: 01:00
If the length of the lesson is changed then the lesson duration will change accordingly.

Double Lessons
Quite often instructors give double lessons. The predecessor of tutorDIARY, ADI-diary, had an excellent solution. So our programming team decided to include the same feature in tutorDIARY.

How to book a double lesson
  1. Click Bookings
  2. At the bottom, click "One click booking"
  3. Hold Control Key and click on an empty slot in the diary
  4. The system will look into your Courses and Rates Settings and double everything, including duration and fees
  5. If you release Control Key then the lesson will be booked according to Courses and Rates
Pupil's Profile
The field "How did you hear about us" has been moved to the front page in Pupil's Profile to help you immediately see this important information.

History of allocated instructors
Following a request from Walkers School of Motoring, history of allocated instructor has been introduced, which greatly helps in tracking necessary information. During the pupil transfer, the system also tracks the gearbox type. If a pupil has automatic car tuition and instructor teaches manual only then the system will issue a warning, which can be overridden if desired.

Instructor Profile
The Other Info Tab includes a space to enter languages that the instructor can provide tuition in. The field box includes list of commonly used languages in UK.
Privacy Policy is now available for all instructors. If Privacy Policy is set, then a red phone will appear next to the instructor name, indicating the instructor does not wish the office to reveal this information to pupils.
To help the receptionist view certain information about the instructor without opening the profile form, a series of icons are placed next to the instructor's name.

The update is scheduled for 15 July 2013. The update is automatic. However, because all browsers keep a cache of the older version, we recommend hitting F5 key for updates to take effect. Mac users can hit Ctrl+R to reload the page.

Newsletter Editor: Emmie Grant
Technical Support: Gregory Schechter
Tutor Diary Programing Team
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