How to Upgrade

Please note, this page is out of date.
The upgrade and data transfer is no longer valid.
Before upgrading to tutorDIARY, please make sure that your Diary-Online account is up to date.
  1. Login to ADI-diary.NET website.
  2. Enter your account name and password
  3. Click "Go to my account"

If Diary-Online is enabled for your ADI-diary

  1. You will see a link Example: (Diary-Online)
  2. On the right side you will find the expiration date
  3. If account has expired then click on (Diary-Online)

If Diary-Online is NOT enabled for your ADI-diary

  1. Scroll the page to the bottom
  2. Select Diary-Online dropdown box
  3. Click Buy Now

You have two options

Once the steps above are completed, please indicate which option below you would like and notify us by email: or

Option 1

We will activate your diary immediately upon your notification, the diary will be blank and you can start from the beginning.

Option 2

The second option involves transferring all of your data from ADI-diary to Tutor-Diary. This will usually take slightly longer. You need to email us a zip file which contains all of your ADI-diary data. We will then transfer the data in our lab and notify you when it is completed. Depending on amount of data the operation should not take more than 30 minutes, once started.

How to send us your data

  1. Start ADI-diary
  2. Look at the top-left corner and remember the name of your diary
  3. Exit the diary
  4. Go to Start Menu
  5. Navigate to C:\ADI-diary-V5
  6. Open folder called: Data
  7. Inside folder Data, you will see a folder with the name of your diary for example: MyDiary
  8. Make a zip file and drag the MyDiary folder into zip file.
  9. Send the zip file as attachment to
  10. We will transfer your data and activate your tutor diary account, then send you your username and password, which you can immediately change.

If you have any questions please do not hesitated to contact us

Upgrade Terms & Conditions