Annual subscription is £49 per instructor with unlimited pupils.

  • This includes 10 complimentary SMS messages.
  • Additional operator account to access your diary.
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Credit Card Processing

Tutor Diary is capable of processing any credit card using our secure server. We use PaymentSense to process payments online as they are the UK's largest Merchant Provider.

Once you have subscribed to our system, you will have an option to process cards online. Tutor Diary will help you to create an account with PaymentSense and guide you through the setting up process.

We do not charge for this but only facilitate the process of online payment. When you have charged your pupils credit card, the money goes directly to your PaymentSense account, from where you can transfer it to your bank account.


All messages are sent via a 3rd party company, with which we have an agreement. After your complimentary credit is used up, the normal price applies at 2 pence for every subsequent message.

If you are using ADI-diary and have a valid Diary-Online subscription, then you are automatically subscribed to Tutor Diary.

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