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December 8, 2014
Issue 33
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We are proud to announce the arrival of our new release of Tutor Diary version 7. Currently, we are conducting our final tests and the release date will be confirmed shortly but we are trying our best to get it out before Christmas.

Coming Soon
All features from the previous version are improved. In addition the following briefly describes the new features of version 7.
  • Easy to raise and track invoices
  • Invoice tracking system. Keeps track of pupils' credit and automatic debit
  • Instant view of pupil details, number of lessons, number of invoices, paid amount (cash/invoice) and balance
  • Booking form contains current financial status of a pupil
  • Cash flow report comprising all your bookings, and expenses
  • All reports can be exported to Excel or csv file
  • Custom Courses and Subjects are improved
  • Fleet manager and expenses page, allows managing vehicle maintenance, Insurance, Tax, MOT and vehicle hire
  • Instructors can enter unlimited amount of vehicles with corresponding image
  • Document writer allows you to publish your terms and conditions, policies or any other pages
  • Login page editor
  • Emailhive, a dedicated application which allows you to send emails using your own logos
  • Full email editor
  • Preset Logo gallery
  • Upload your documents, images and logos
  • Automatic notification Email and SMS notification
  • Ability to view Google calendar and Tutor Diary at the same time
  • Pupils can login and book lessons
  • Remembers your login details so you don't need to login every time
We will keep you posted on all the latest developments about the new release.

Newsletter Editor: Emmie Grant
Technical Support: Gregory Schechter
Tutor Diary Programing Team
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