Quick Start

Bearing in mind that our existing customers are used to the ADI-diary environment, we have made every effort to match the behaviour of Tutor Diary to ADI-diary.

We have put together all the best features of ADI-diary and added some modern technology features, such as jQuery, Autocomplete and many more. Therefore, you may find some differences between the two systems. These differences are user friendly and, as jQuery is widely used by other websites, you might find yourself in a familiar environment straight away.

Tested Browsers

Tutor Diary is tested with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (minimum version 8). All of the above browsers have shown excellent performance. The best results for speed and rendering was with Chrome and Firefox. Safari for iPad behave better than Safari for Windows.


Make sure you have a Tutor Diary account

If you are an existing customer and are using ADI-diary then please click here to learn how to obtain a free account and transfer your ADI-diary data to Tutor Diary

If you are a new customer then click here to subscribe

Short Guide

  • To insert a new pupil, click New, then click Pupil
  • To insert a new lesson, click Bookings
    • Drag & drop a booking on to any available slot
    • If you select "One click booking" then you can just click on any time slot to book a lesson
    • Once a lesson is in the diary you can drag it to a different time slot or resize it by using the handle at the bottom of the booking
    • If you want to book a driving test then type a character into the box on the Booking Panel. The system will search through every available test centre in UK and display result with address and other relevant information about Test Centre
  • To edit a booking click once on the lesson in the diary
  • Quick search for a pupil: click on the pupil label next to a little magnifying glass in the top-right corner. A box will appear with different search options, type at least two characters, the system will output a list of available pupils starting from the letters you have entered.