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July 28, 2013
Issue 29
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After many requests, our team is pleased to release a new update to the Diary which incorporates Google Calendar. The new system successfully combines two sources of data into one page, which gives you the great benefit of viewing your Google Calendar inside Tutor Diary along with regular information.
Please note that the incorporation of Google Calendar is one way only. This means that if you wish, you can enable your account in Tutor Diary to receive information from Google Calendar and display it on your screen. To make it easy to distinguish between two different data sources, bookings from Google Calendar will have a different colour and Google icon.
One of the requirements for synchronisation with Google Calendar is that you need to make your calendar public. For this reason Tutor Diary will never send any information back to Google. The data of both calendars will be accessible from Tutor Diary only, which is protected by an AlphaSSL certificate. All information in Tutor Diary will stay encrypted and will never be disclosed to any other company including Google. Your Google Calendar, likewise, will not be affected in any way, despite you needing to change some settings on your Google Setting Page. But this is your choice.

To enable Google Calendar you must first make your Google Calendar public
  1. In the Google Calendar interface, locate the "My Calendar" box on the left.
  2. Click the arrow next to the calendar you need.
  3. A menu will appear. Click "Share this calendar."
  4. Check "Make this calendar public."
  5. Make sure "Share only my free/busy information" is unchecked.
  6. Click "Save."
Then, you must obtain your calendar's XML feed URL:
  1. In the Google Calendar interface, locate the "My Calendar" box on the left
  2. Click the arrow next to the calendar you need.
  3. A menu will appear. Click "Calendar settings."
  4. In the "Calendar Address" section of the screen, click the XML badge.
  5. Your feed's URL will appear.
  6. Select and copy feed's URL
You need to paste the feed's URL into your Instructor Profile
  1. Log into Tutor Diary
  2. Click on your name in the top right corner
  3. Click Operation Tab
  4. Paste feed's URL into "Google Calendar URL" box
  5. Click "Save"
  6. That's it.
Sometimes it can be confusing as to why Tutor Diary displays event times differently to the Google Calendar interface. There are two factors involved in this:
  • the calendar's timezone, accessed through "Calendar settings" after clicking the arrow next to the calendar's name
  • your Google Account's timezone, accessed through the "Settings" link at the top right of the Google Calendar screen (near the "Sign out" link)
When both time-zones are the same, you should have no problems. When they are different, Tutor Diary will display times in the calendar's timezone. Thus, times will be different than what you see in the Google Calendar interface because they are being adjusted to the GMT of the calendar.

The update is scheduled for 1 August 2013. The update is automatic. However, because all browsers keep a cache of the older version, we recommend hitting F5 key for updates to take effect. Mac users can hit Ctrl+R to reload the page.

Newsletter Editor: Emmie Grant
Technical Support: Gregory Schechter
Tutor Diary Programing Team
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